5 Best Comedies To Watch

Wondering what to watch next? we got your back. here are our 5 favourite comedy series that you need to put on your watch list ASAP.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


B99 viewers will definitely agree on the fact that it is hands down one of the most fun shows ever. Moreover, the plotline is something that your regular sitcoms don’t offer.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is a cop comedy that revolves around the lives of the detectives of the 99th precinct of New York City Police Department (NYPD) as Captain Raymond Holt, a takes command as the new Captain of the precinct.  

What we personally love about the show is that, apart from the distinct plot line, what makes it more beautiful is the representation in the show, and who doesn’t love a show which makes one feel woke and represented.

2. The Good Place:


The Good Place is another great show created by one of the writers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

 To summarize it into one category, we would likely call it a comedy. However, the story line is much different than any comedies you might have ever watched. It gives the readers a message that they all can take home from this show. It not only gives you a good laugh, but also makes you realize the different dimensions of life.

The Good Place is a form of hell disguised as heaven, where the supposedly bad people are sent to be tortured in their after-life. It starts as Eleanor a saleswoman, falls in front of a stack of trolleys and dies. She wakes up into the afterlife where Michael, a demon disguised as the architect of the neighbourhood tells her that her acts of kindness have led her to the good place. This leads Eleanor to think that she was mistaken for another Eleanor, as she had led a life far from ethical. She meets her soul mate Chidi Anagonye and her fellow neighbours who are in the neighbourhood for leading an ethical and moral life.

A series of unfortunate events creates chaos in the neighbourhood and everyone finds themselves mentally tormented despite of being in the good place.

What we love about the show is that The Good Place is light humoured yet manages to subtly deliver a strong message, giving a distinct perspective on life.

3. Young Sheldon


Majority of you reading this post might be aware of the iconic character named Sheldon Lee Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. This show walks us through the childhood of our beloved Sheldon.

While the Big Bang Theory fans would undoubtedly watch this show within the blink of an eye, our non-fans of BBT can stay assured that, even if you did not like The Big Bang Theory, you will still be in awe of adorable little Sheldon, or how his meemaw likes to call him, moon pie.

Young Sheldon goes back to the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, who is an unbelievably intelligent kid, excelling his in studies and aspires to be a theoretical physicist. Being significantly different from other kids his age, Sheldon finds it challenging to fit into his fairly average surroundings including his family.

4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


For all our ladies out there, and our gentlemen, this one show is a definite must watch.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is the story if a woman, Midge who is happily married with 2 kids. Her life turns upside down when she finds out that her husband has been having an affair with his secretary. She goes on a quest of creating a life of her own and finds her passion in the comedy world.

In an era where the comedy world was more male oriented, Midge goes on to pursue a career as a comedian where she is struck with new adventures and struggles to make her way through.

5. Two Broke Girls


Two Broke Girls is the story of Max and Caroline, who work at a diner in Brooklyn. Max is a poor working class girl who never got through college and struggles financially to meet ends.

On the other hand, Caroline is the daughter of a rich businessman and is used to the fancy life. However, her luxurious life comes to an end when her father is imprisoned for committing a fraud and all his money gets taken away.

Caroline is left alone in the new world she has to adapt into. Out of need, Caroline ends up working at a diner in Brooklyn, where she meets Max. They eventually become pals and are now on a quest of owning a business of their own, but end up losing their money each time.

You can watch most of these shows on Amazon Prime including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Young Sheldon and Young Sheldon.

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  1. If you have already watched any of these shows, let me know which one’s your favourite. My personal favourite is hands down, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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