A Saga of Uninhibited Comedy and Heartbreak: Fleabag

Dark escapades submerged with raw comedy, a brutal yet vehement combination.

Watching Fleabag comes with a reflection into our own heart, those obscure feelings we had stashed away in our mind’s vault, coming to life through Fleabag’s will. 

The feelings that went unreciprocated, the love that went unaccomplished, driving you to the edge of insanity. 

And as Pheobe conceives, Fleabag is that part of yourself that you find at the bottom of the pitfall, putting on lipstick and looking up at you.

Fleabag came to me as a validation of my self and made me realize that we are not alone in this and, that ‘People are all we need’.

Prepare to come to a confrontation with your self.

 ‘Fleabag’ is a British Sitcom. Our search engines might tell us that this is a comedy-drama, which is technically true. However, it is not the type of comedy you are likely to expect.The right term to categorize it would be as a ‘Tragic Comedy’ or a ‘Dark Comedy.



Fleabag was created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge who also played the lead role in the series.The title of the show ‘Fleabag’  and the name of the protagonist comes from a familiar place in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s life.

In an interview, she says the name Fleabag is her family nickname.As the deadline for the play approached, the title of the show was still undecided.

Hence, the name ‘Fleabag’ was spontaneously chosen by Phoebe for her play.

Although if you dig a little deeper into the meaning of the title, Fleabag originally refers to a dirty or shabby person or an animal.

Thus, the thought behind the character such as Fleabag to be considered as one such person in a society that expects women to act in a certain way would not come as a surprise.


Fleabag was adapted from Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s play ’Fleabag’ from Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2013.

Image by Raph_PH from Flickr.com

And the idea of the play came up when a friend challenged Phoebe for a prompt stand-up.

People Are All We’ve Got. So Grab The Night By Its Nipples And Go Flirt With Someone.


From haircuts to life, Fleabag has given us some real wisdom through her experience.


Fleabag is a strong-willed, dry-witted woman, who runs a cafeteria.

After suffering a tragic loss, she battles loneliness which leaves her in a disturbed state of mind.

Leading her into questionable choices, Fleabag dabbles in relationships and sexual encounters to deflect from the loneliness, which hardly help her gain back her happiness.

As she keeps wilfully fighting through life with her weird personality, new roads unveil for her and she finds love again.

This tragically wondrous life of Fleabag assures a mystifying experience for us as we become a part of her life. And in a way, we find ourselves interacting with her, surpassing the barriers of the screen.

Why we love Fleabag?
1. An experimental comedy:

 Even though Fleabag is ultimately a comedy and is bound to make the viewers laugh, the approach to bringing out that laughter is quite innovative.  It is a blend of intense drama and light comedy merged into one single story.

2. A one-woman show:

 Created, acted, and written by one genius mind, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

3. Characters:

Most of the characters don’t have a name (including Fleabag), just nicknames given by Fleabag.

 4. Breaking the fourth wall:

When we usually watch a movie or a show, there is an invisible wall between the characters and ourselves.

This, in a way, separates our worlds from theirs.

When a character from the show or movie acknowledges the existence of an audience and initiates a conversation with the audience, it is known as ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’.

Throughout the show, the fourth wall is broken as Fleabag constantly interacts with the audience as if there wasn’t a screen between us.

It gives a feeling of a deeper connection to the character, almost as if we were an invisible friend of Fleabag.

Also, when we talk about this show and the achievement it has made, how can we not mention the fact that Fleabag has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Not only that, but it has also won several awards including an Emmy.

This series is one of a kind in the world of entertainment today, and it must be celebrated by each of one us. The ingenuity of Phoebe Waller-Bridge should not go unacknowledged.

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