Some Writing Prompts (Inspired from Grammarly) –

So, being a writer, it’s comes naturally that I have a Grammarly extension. When you get your creativity flowing, you can hardly focus on the grammar and the spellings.

So, I get an email from Grammarly. They want me to end this year by using their writing prompts as a self-reflectivity journal for 2020. And as the freest person alive (yes I’m exaggerating), I had to do it.

So, here it goes.

What are the three most important things you learned this year?

Hmm. Good question, right? Well, I’m not much of a quick learner but I did learn a thing or two this year.

  1. New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

With a new year, so many things took a turn for good and I could barely count my blessings up until the end of this year. No matter how bad it is, it will get better. New doors will unlock

2. Do what you love and the greatest of opportunities will come to you.

I would not have called myself a writer until November, when I got an internship, my first ever work that pays and also, as a writer. Could I have asked for more? Yes, for more money.

So, keep doing what you love and I assure you that the thing you wish for will come true. but make sure when it does, you do justice to it.

3. Being calm and kind save you a lot of regrets.

This is looking back at all those times when I almost snapped at my parents for breathing too loud, or at my boyfriend for not suffixing the red heart emoji after every text because I’m sensitive.

Taking a moment and just breathing helps a lot (not too loudly around me, though). It’s better than carrying the burden of saying bitter things in a moment of weakness. Spoken words cannot be undone, this is not Instagram.

Well, the irony here is that I refuse to put this through Grammarly for once, no offense. Because, its almost 4 am and I could use some sleep. And its a wrap!

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