Breaking Through Breaking Bad: A Masterpiece


Breaking Bad is a show that leaves me with chills every time I recall it. As the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes suggest, Breaking Bad is one of the highest-rated and most critically acknowledged shows to ever exist.

With a very non-conventional character as the protagonist and story which would have been rather bland if executed otherwise, Breaking Bad has set the bar tremendously high for other crime dramas.

I remember being pestered by my friends to watch this show.

  Thinking about it as another unnecessarily hyped show, I kept laying it off.

Finally giving in to it, I started watching this show very recently, and quite the experience it has been.

It was after watching a couple of episodes that I thought to myself, what an absolute shame it would have been to have never watched something so iconic.


Our protagonist, a 50-year-old chemistry professor, Walter White is diagnosed with lung cancer.

Walter decides on not getting treatment as he cannot afford the finances required.

However, upon pressure from his family, Walt decides to undergo treatment, but will not accept help from family or friends.

His head-strong personality clashed with the dire need for money for securing his family’s future which working two jobs a day would not cut it.

It ends him in the middle of nowhere, cooking meth in an RV along with a young crack-head, Jesse Pinkman, who was his former student.

El Camino:

After a ground-breaking response for the show, there just had to be something to fill the void in our hearts after the series ended.

El Camino is, however, less of a Walt and more of a Pinkman focused film.

Although it did not give us the classic on-screen duo; Walt and Pinkman cooking up crystals, it did give us a sweet ending to the whole story.


Our very own, Agent Schrader (Dean Norris) has brought the show to reality by making his own German Lager Beer, Schraderbrau that Hank had been working on in the show.

Dos Hombres Mezcal:

And if that wasn’t a dream come true for Breaking Bad fans, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul came together and launched another liquor line, Dos Hombres Mezcal.

Who would have thought after a constant brawl between the two in the show, Walt and Pinkman would join forces once again and sell us some fine liquor? I didn’t.

Random Philosophy You Never Asked For:

What makes us fall in love with a show? What is that one factor that it all comes down to when you think about a show that makes you feel a certain way?

I think it’s the relatability. If the character or the story can bring me face to face with a part of me that makes the show/movie worth the while.

But with Breaking Bad you might think, what about a middle-aged man, living somewhere in New Mexico, dying with cancer, and cooking meth in his undies in the middle of a desert could you possibly find relatable, right?

Well, I thought so too.

All the while I was watching this show, even though at times I hated Walt and his actions with fiber bit of my being, somewhere I also found a sense of pity for him. I did not know why. I was too engrossed in the plot.

However, as the seasons went on, I realized what it was that made me feel for Walt, despite the monster he had become.

I think Walt is that part of ourselves that we seldom listen to. The one that is the most hopeful and ambitious.

Every time we give up on our wishes, we push it onto the edge of a cliff, at the bottom of which live anger, guilt, and insanity.

As we giving up on our dreams, every little one, we push it further.

Then comes the day of the fall, where we rest at the bottom of the fall, drowning in self-pity.

For most of us, it is a life-long agony of pushing ourselves further and further until our last breath, a never-ending event of killing ourselves time and again.

For some, it is life on the other side of the cliff, doing anything in our will to gain back the control over life; to live again.

Walt lived in a constant state of submission. Apart from teaching his subject of passion, he never did anything that he hoped for most of his life.

And when death comes knocking at your doorstep with a few years’ notice, what would you do?

You do all the things you have ever wanted to do. You finally do things that give life to your existence.

So when Walt knew he’d only live a while longer, even though his first instinct was to secure his family’s future, he does not stop there.

The voice in Walt’s head would not let him stop just there. After being neglected for so long, how could it? It was finally being heard, finally acted upon. Hence, giving birth to a monster he never thought he would become.

Hence, my dear adult kids, to live a happy life, we must follow our dreams, no matter how difficult the target seems.

Giving up on dreams sometimes seems like a practical choice to make, but it is never the one that brings joy.

Hence, living in a constant state of compromise is only going to bring out the worst of us.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Or what should we call it, my Blog Talk?

 Never mind.

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