Gilmore Girls: A Netflix Must Watch

What comes to your mind when you think of a show that makes you feel the most connected to the characters and their lives?

My answer would be ‘Gilmore Girls’.

While these two were my primary muse behind actually penning down my thoughts, the whole show created by this genius woman Amy Sherman-Palladino, was the true inspiration.

She connected us to the lives of her characters in such a way that we did not feel that they were any different from us.

As Rory was figuring out her own life, it felt like we were looking at a fragment of our own experiences. Her journey from being a book nerd to writing one herself has been quite a learning experience for me as a viewer.

Gilmore Girls is a family drama that should be on the top of your watch-list if you are ready to binge-watch a show for a long time because this show will surely keep you invested.


This is a heart-warming story of a mother and daughter and the ups and downs in their relationship as they go on about their lives.

You will find yourself feeling like one with these characters and their journey.

Gilmore Girls is based around the life of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore.

Lorelai Gilmore is a quick-witted woman who has had a sour relationship with her parents when since she ran away from their house as a 16-year-old upon finding out about her pregnancy.

She has a close relationship with her daughter Rory who is smart, quick-witted like her mother and is loved by the neighborhood.

Rory is passionate to pursue a career in journalism and wishes to go to Harvard for graduation, for which she would have to join a private school.

This leaves Lorelai in a predicament as the only way she could afford Rory’s education is by considering a loan from her parents.

Lorelai’s mother, Emily puts forth a condition under which the money will be lent. Now Lorelai has to make way for her parents into her life reluctantly.


In my opinion, it shows us the various kinds of relationships we share with people, and despite all the differences, how it ends up being essential for our being and makes us complete.

I know some of you guys reading this post might not agree with my love for this show. And I get it.

It wasn’t a completely flawless show, however, the thought behind the show, the thought that I think Amy Sherman Palladino had in mind was to create a show with flawed characters.

It shows the imperfections in being human. Every human is flawed and right when you think that you have learned from your mistakes and grown from it, you see yourself back in the same game, repeating the same old mistakes.

That is just what we are, that is what makes us human. The beauty of it is how we accept each other with all those flaws and love them even when they are hard to love.

We help each other grow and it all comes to a full circle of life.

Well, that was quite a rant.


The Characters

The show’s creators focused on making the main characters far from perfect. They are flawed and have many shortcomings so to speak. And what makes us fall in love with these characters becomes the same reason.

Lorelai is shown as an adamant person who makes the decisions of her life for herself and would not let anyone tell her otherwise.

This, however is one of her good qualities, it sometimes comes back to be a bad decision.

Rory, on the other hand, is this sweet little kid you watch growing and making mistakes as we all did in our teenage. Despite that, she takes a setback harder than she should have, and in response shuts her all her dreams try to live a life without any goals. Although she comes out of this shutdown and goes out to pursue her dreams, she is seen struggling to make a name for herself in the world.

The Storyline:

The storyline of the show throughout the 7 seasons was well thought out. It showed us the ups and downs in the lives of our Gilmore Girls, in respect to their romantic relationships and their relationships with their parents.

It teaches us how; despite all our shortcomings as an individual, if we wish to grow and accept at the same time, life is a wonderful experience.


Rory’s Gilmore’s somewhat downgrading as a character


Even though I understand her reasoning most of the time behind all her decisions, it seemed a bit of an overreaction when she shut off completely when she was reprimanded by just one person, Mitchum Huntzberger, whose motives were clear throughout the whole episode.

It was clear to everyone, including Rory to some point that he was not a giving person, he would not simply appoint her as his intern merely because he had remorse for his family’s insulting behavior. However, Rory drops out of college, gives up on her career, cuts off Lorelai from her life, and joins the D.A.R.

This whole thing was dragged on for almost a whole season if I’m not wrong.

However, Amy Sherman-Palladino has gracefully answered some of these questions in this article, explaining where the thought behind it came from.

Read the full article here :

Lorelai’s jump from Luke to Chris:

Even when we shipped Lorelai and Chris, Lorelai told us not to, because she knew she knew that it wasn’t right. She knew all along that Chris and she would not become a great couple because of their wrong timings and his quality of dipping every time it could have been right.

We see Lorelai transition from one relationship to another.

Then comes Luke. Lorelai finally knows that he is the one.

And when Lorelai knows something is right, she goes for it, that’s a strong quality of hers.

But clearly, things go down for Luke and Lorelai and they end up parting ways.

And in this moment of weakness, she goes to Chris. It broke our hearts to see Lorelai shutting Luke out and instead not just dating Chris, getting married to him.

The whole time they both were married was a bit of a nightmare to watch and it somewhere did not make sense as Lorelai is known to follow her instincts. And this time, we could see that she did not have a good feeling about the whole endeavor with Chris right from the beginning.

The Reboot:

I would like to make it clear that I thoroughly enjoyed the Netflix Reboot of Gilmore Girls.

However, my complaint with the particular come back was that, it did give us the same feelings as the previous seasons did.

It felt somewhat different.

While I agree that the title of the reboot itself made it clear that it was just A Year in the Life of Gilmore Girls, it did not have much to offer than that.

And I hope the show picks up where it left off, and make things better for our Gilmores.

As we are left with no more seasons and the creators alone know when or if we are going to get another season or not, I found this book by Lauren Graham (A.K.A our beloved Lorelai Gilmore) called Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) where she talks about her life in the entertainment business and how Gilmore Girls played a huge role in it. 

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  1. After reading Amy Sherman-Palladino’s interview, do you still feel that Rory’s character development could have been better or are you satisfied with the story-line just the way it was?

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