The Downfall of Game of Thrones; where it all began to end

Game of Thrones is an adaptation of an American novelist, George R.R Martin’s novel series, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. It is said to be a series of 7 novels, out of which 5 are already published and 2 are yet to be finished.

Game of Thrones is a drama series created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss, who wrote the majority of episodes of the show.


 George R.R Martin was the official consultant and co-executive producer of the show. He also wrote one episode per season for the first 4 seasons.

After the fourth season, Martin withdrew from the writing team as he wanted to focus on finishing his next installment, ‘The Winds of Winter’ of the same series.

The first two seasons of the series were based completely on one novel each out of the whole volume. Later on, the creators D&D focused on the series as a whole adaptation of the volume rather than individual novels.

Now let us look at each season from a bird’s eye view to get a better understanding of the show as a whole and notice where things started to go downhill.








D&D, Bryan Cogman, Jane Espenson, GRRM




D&D, Cogman, Venessa Taylor, GRRM




D&D, Cogman, Taylor, GRRM




D&D, Cogman, GRRM




D&D, Cogman, Dave Hill








D&D, Cogman, Hill





If we look at the show based on these values, the only differences we can observe here are:

  1. A sudden decline in the number of episodes towards the end.
  2. A gap of 2 years in between the last two seasons

                        AND MOST IMPORTANTLY

  1. Martin’s exit from the writing team

Now, up until the 4th season, the show strictly followed the story line of the books.

After the 5th season, the writers started mixing up the story line with some original content.

But until this period, it was all going well, I think my fellow GoT fans would agree with me here.

By the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6, the show officially surpassed the books. The story of the show had gone far ahead of the written novels.

Now, this is where the gamble began.

The book fans for the first time didn’t know what to expect, others didn’t know what was going on. People started losing their minds. The expectations rose because we were in the endgame now. The game of thrones was finally coming to its final stages and the final moves were going to be played.

After a yearlong wait, came season 7. Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed with season 7.

However, it did feel different. The whole tone of the show had taken a shift. Although, we still had hopes left for the ending.

But, as they say, expectations sometimes lead to disappointment.

Season 8, to be polite, was a complete disaster.

I don’t think I need to get into the details of the catastrophe, because I know I have a consensus on this one.

But I would like to remind you in detail, where things went wrong, from where I remember (from season 7).

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

  1. Jon named King in the North :


Image Source:

Even when their victory was entirely upon Sansa. Even though Jon is aware of Sansa’s capabilities in politics, he is constantly seen giving a deaf ear to any political bits of advice given by Sansa. Further proving, he knows nothing.

2. Enter Euron Greyjoy :

Because the show doesn’t already have enough evil, selfish villains. Euron wants to marry the queen and will do anything to help her cause.

3. ” BEND THE KNEE”x100 :

If I had a dime for every time Daenerys used that phrase in a single episode, I would definitely be rich by now.

4. Littlefinger’s Death :

Little Finger, one of the most intelligent people in Westeros, survived every threat, being the mastermind who made his way up from the bottom. His role is conveniently cut off just to speed up the plot.

5. Daenerys becoming her father:

Says, ‘’I will not be the Queen of the Ashes”. Becomes the queen of the ashes. For 5 minutes.

6. “She’s my queen” :

One of the very few lines given to Jon Snow throughout the season which made no sense.

7. Daenerys and Jon Snow’s romantic angle :

Daenerys and Jon Snow’s romantic angle was a total flop, in my opinion. It did nothing but make the viewer gag. 

Honestly, I think it was completely a fan service. However, even the fans did not know what they had wished for. Even if they did want to give the romantic angle a chance, it should have been more natural and gradual.

8. Jon Snow’s payback to Daenerys :

Daenerys halts the war on King’s Landing and Cersei’s reign, helps Jon’s Snow’s cause to defeat the White Walkers, faces the death of one of her dragons, still helps him and saves him from dying multiple times, helps win the war with the dead.

 And how does Jon pay her back? Stab’s her in the gut.

9. Bran’s waste of powers:

Who is known to have superficial powers, can see what’s happening around the globe, does not warn a single soul so that they won’t die.

10. Jon’s Snow’s accidental survivals :

Jon Snow is shown to be stupidly surviving each time, then putting himself in further danger, and surviving again without any effort.

11. Daenerys’ becoming The Mad Queen in presence of Cersei :

Daenerys goes through the entire struggle to become queen. 

But when she does sit on the throne, she loses her mind, all of a sudden, just because Cersei killed Missandei.

12. Varys and Tyrion’s sudden change of team :

Varys and Tyrion supported Daenerys throughout the seasons, but once Jon Snow’s identity is revealed, everybody claims Daenerys as a potential Mad Queen and shifts to his side, even though he never wanted to rule.

13. Varys’ Death :


”Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder”

Just like Littlefinger, another most intelligent person, the Master of Whispers, Lord Varys was killed off from the show as a traitor. Because Dany doesn’t like snitches.

 Although we knew Varys was to die sooner or later in the show, it seemed kind of odd because the real culprit was Jon Snow. Jon Snow was the one who initially spilled the secret like Chinese Whispers.

14. Jon Snow’s unwanted privileges:

Throughout the entire show, Jon Snow is given titles and privileges he doesn’t want in the first place, saved multiple times from being killed, once killed and brought back to life, has put in no effort to be a good ruler, yet he is chosen over Daenerys, who struggled all her life to get there.

15. Cersei’s easy and quick death :

I am sure each one of us who watched the show hated Cersei. After all, she did cause the death of Ned Stark, killed Margery and Loras, and hundreds of innocents with the wildfire explosion at the Sept of Baelor. 

One of the most vicious characters in the entirety of the show, you wouldn’t be wrong to wish a satisfactory death for her. But how do they kill her? Under a pile of bricks. That’s right, BRICKS.

16. Jamie’s character degradation :

Jamie’s character development was conveniently thrown into a ditch after he overthrows everything just to die beside Cersei. Jamie opposes Cersei and goes on to keep their oath to help in the war against the White Walkers. He develops feelings for Brienne and helps Daenerys, Jon, and their army. But when he learns that Cersei is in danger, he forgets everything she has done wrong and runs back to King’s Landing right into her arms, only to die beside her, under a pile of bricks of course.

17. Too much focus on the shock element :

Game of Thrones has had a reputation for making people expect the unexpected. It has always been unpredictable. That was the beauty of the show. However, each major death came with either great satisfaction or grief. It always had an impact. Not only that, but there was also always thought put into it. 

But with the plot line in the hands of the creators, they shifted their focus entirely on the unpredictability, the shocks. The thought behind it, the logic behind it was forgotten. 

Another big mistake committed by the makers throughout the show was to try to speed things up to wrap up. This took out the whole essence of the show.

18. Bran Stark’s rise to power :

How can we talk about disasters and not mention the final episode of the series? Bran Stark sits on the throne?!. It’s like the creators just wanted to put the surprise element here, all logic aside. 

After all the mistakes that happened throughout the series, one can only hope for a decent ending. But no. 

Even if they had chosen Tyrion to sit on the throne, we could have considered it as a decent ending, or even Jon Snow, because he was the next best eligible candidate, wasn’t he? 

But now he’s a traitor and must go back to the Wall. Rhaegar Targaryen and Lynna Stark’s only offspring, the heir to the Iron Throne, you would think this revelation had anything to do with the plot. Think again.


All Men Must Die” And all good shows must come to an end.

Apart from all of these reasons, it was also clear that the production values went way higher than the show and the channel could keep up with. That explains the reduced number of episodes.

The creators also didn’t have a detailed content to adapt from, and they probably couldn’t keep up with the complications, hence simplifying it way too much. And therefore, the haste of bringing the story to an end.

The only hope left for us fans is the forthcoming books. But GRRM alone knows when he is going to publish it.

For all my show fans, if you haven’t read the books already, I highly suggest that you do, since we need to be prepared for when George R.R Martin drops the next installment and we can have a much better ending to the story.

You can get the entire ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Book Set hereincluding the Paper and Kindle Version on Amazon

Despite the bad ending, Game of Thrones remains to be on the list of my favorite shows and I am hereby declaring that I will choose to forget the latter two seasons and hope it erases from my memory.


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    Also, from a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the last season?

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